Dear Santa, I’m sitting in the old armchair by the fireplace, snuggled in the childhood blanket I used to obsess over as the cold’s gotten my nose as red as Rudolph’s. I hear father scolding my two over-enthusiastic 4-year old cousins for what seems like their twentieth helping of our traditional plum cake prepared by … Continue reading ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS

Rock music over the decades

One of my earliest memories of listening to rock music would probably be going on long drives with my father while he played Pink Floyd, The Police and Queen, and we’d just hum along to their songs. That was the time when a deep-rooted love for rock took a hold over me. So it was … Continue reading Rock music over the decades

मोदकांची मज्जा

             सगळ्यांचे दु:ख दूर करुन आनंद आणणारा बाप्पा सगळयांचाच अगदी फेव्हरेट आहे. अशा या बाप्पाचे काहीच दिवसात होणार आहे आणि बाप्पाच्या आगमनाची मजा तर‌ आहेच... काय? गणेशचतुर्थीच्या दिवशी तो तब्बल १० दिवस पृथ्वीवर आपल्या सोबत असनार .. मग काय त्याच्या आगमनामुळे वातावरण एकदम बदलून जाते.. देशभरात उत्साहाचं,चैत्नयाचं असं वातावरण असतं. घरोघरी बाप्पाची आरास केली जाते. … Continue reading मोदकांची मज्जा