Get money working for you

It's not that every rich person has a high paying job. It's just their financial habits that make them rich. With just some minor tunings anyone can get over with personal financial dilemma. Here in this piece, we're going to touch upon how ignorance of basic financial education can get you in the wrong pit. … Continue reading Get money working for you

Chai- An experience

The second I met him, I knew I was damned. But still, I couldn’t resist. I melted into his chocolate brown eyes, the hopeless lump of sugar that I was. Nothing lasts forever… especially not something this beautiful. I took it slow, devouring every precious moment, savouring every drop like it was the last.  When … Continue reading Chai- An experience

मोदकांची मज्जा

             सगळ्यांचे दु:ख दूर करुन आनंद आणणारा बाप्पा सगळयांचाच अगदी फेव्हरेट आहे. अशा या बाप्पाचे काहीच दिवसात होणार आहे आणि बाप्पाच्या आगमनाची मजा तर‌ आहेच... काय? गणेशचतुर्थीच्या दिवशी तो तब्बल १० दिवस पृथ्वीवर आपल्या सोबत असनार .. मग काय त्याच्या आगमनामुळे वातावरण एकदम बदलून जाते.. देशभरात उत्साहाचं,चैत्नयाचं असं वातावरण असतं. घरोघरी बाप्पाची आरास केली जाते. … Continue reading मोदकांची मज्जा